Mattson Construction becomes an extension of your team and trusted partner through every step of the process.

Our Services Include:

Mattson Construction -Tenant Improvement
Tenant Improvement

A major focus for our firm is tenant improvements. With extensive experience in scheduling, phasing and maintaining a safe work environment, we keep open lines of communication with the client to ensure minimal disruptions to the remainder of a building’s operations. Nighttime and weekend work are a constant and creating a phased approach can oftentimes be key.

Mattson Construction - New Construction
New Construction

As a full-service general contractor, our team has the skills and expertise of a large contractor with a much more personalized and collaborative approach. Utilizing technical strategies to structure business practices and processes has helped us provide exceptional results in the development of greenfield, vacant parcels as well as construction projects that may require selective demolition or are an addition to existing structures.

Mattson Construction - Owner Representation
Owner Representation

Buyers face a myriad of risks in property transactions, including everything from hidden physical defects and design standards not being met to unkempt property maintenance and costs for correcting defective components. This is where our team comes in to provide buyer assistance with due diligence, ultimately saving time, money and minimizing risk.

Services are custom to each client, but may include the following:

  • Site selection
  • Evaluation of existing buildings and associated sites
  • Preparation of full conceptual project budgets
  • Detailed cost estimates for required repairs
  • Documentation of deferred maintenance items
  • Identification of design/construction services
  • Evaluation of potential property expansion
  • Zoning/code compliance reviews
Mattson Construction - Pre Construction

We thrive in technically complex projects and pre-construction services can be extremely valuable for these types of buildouts. Having a Mattson team member there from the beginning, to specifically view the project through a construction lens, is a game-changer.

Our internal team and external team  can provide the following services in pre-construction projects:

  • Creation of conceptual budgets (and updates throughout the design process)
  • Development of a project schedule, beginning with the design phase and monitoring team progress toward obtaining construction permits
  • Cost projections throughout the design process (well before issuance of a building permit)
  • Identifying long-lead time items and assisting with procurement to compress project schedule
  • Suggesting substitutions for design team regarding systems and materials that will create cost and time savings
Mattson Construction - Construction Management
Construction Management

Our experienced team helps with all stages of construction management, from the planning and coordination through controlling construction to ultimately unveiling a functional and financially viable final project.

Mattson Construction - Value Engineering
Value Engineering (VE)

Our goal here: to achieve a project’s program goals by recommending alternative systems or materials that provide the same value and quality at the lowest possible cost. An analysis that is instrumental in any project.

Mattson Construction - Scheduling

A critical component to any construction process is keeping on schedule. Our team helps clients achieve the greatest possible efficacy and savings by planning and monitoring every phase of construction, along with recommending the most efficient allocation of resources.